Welcome 2021!

 Happy New Year to all our Faith Formation Families!
Welcome to a new set of playlists that you can use to continue forming your faith.  This month, we focus on ways we can start the new year off right: asking ourselves, "What would Jesus do?" and  "How can I get into a better habit of prayer?"  We have some ideas for you!  We also have activities on The Solemnity of Mary (celebrated on Jan. 1st), The Epiphany of the Lord (Jan. 3rd) and The Baptism of Jesus (Jan. 10th) that we know you will enjoy.
A huge thank you to the Malary, Ciampini, Boeding, Burton, Roedel & LaPorta Families for sharing their advent wreaths and nativities with us!  We loved seeing how you celebrated this GREAT season in your homes!

"Faith Formation is more than a subject to be taught, it's an invitation to a way of life."

St. Margaret Faith Formation, Grades 1-8

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