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Hi, I’m Saint Valentine. I lived a long time ago when Claudius II was the ruler of Rome. There were two important things to know about this king. First, Claudius II did not like Christians. Second, he loved having lots of soldiers to fight in his wars!

Claudius II thought having soldiers for his wars was so important that he made a law that people couldn’t get married. He thought that if young boys got married and had families they would not want to go off and fight in his wars.

This made things really tricky for the Christians following God. First, they knew that God wanted them to worship Him, not someone like Claudius II. Second, they knew that God wanted them to get married and have families.

I, Saint Valentine, had the special job of being God’s helper during this time. I was a priest, so I would marry the men and women who wanted to get married. This is why I am called the patron saint of love and marriage.

Family Assignment for the week of February 7th:

Set aside time for everyone to write simple letters to other members of the family.  Just a few lines will do!  The important thing is to help our kids practice saying “I love you” and recognize what they love about the people closest to them.  Brainstorm together some positive traits about each other.

Want to take this one step further?  Encourage the family to make and deliver Valentine cards to:

  • Grocery store workers

  • People in a nursing home

  • An elderly neighbor

What better way to delight someone who might not otherwise receive a Valentine?  You can also make a Valentine for Jesus, giving thanks and praise for all He has given to your family!

Clicking this button will bring you to a sheet of valentine cards for you to share with loved ones.

Clicking this button will bring you to a google form where you can reflect on this week's activity.

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