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Let's Plan a Family Night!










Spending time together is especially important when it comes to passing on our faith. Kids who have a faith connection with their parents are more likely to practice their faith as adults, so let’s set aside some time this week to gather. We can use the Martin Luther King holiday and the theme of social justice as our lead to ask ourselves:

Who in our community needs some help?  Is it a neighbor?  A friend?  Is someone sick that could use some cheer?  Brainstorm with your family members and pick someone to help this week.


Once we have decided who we are going to help, let’s plan what we can do to make things better for this person.  Is it something simple like drawing pictures or making a card?  What about making them dinner?  Maybe it’s inviting someone over to spend time with your family this weekend.  Let’s make a plan and then put it in action. 

We’re excited to hear about the love you’ll be spreading!


Clicking this button will bring you to a google form where you can reflect on this week's activity.

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