Hey Families!

Are you looking for some things to do together during this Lent?  Why don’t you…


Make a Prayer Chain: List 40 intentions or people on 40 slips of paper. Link them together into a chain. Rip one off each morning of Lent and pray for that need.


Temptation Cookies: While baking cookies, tell your children about the temptation of Jesus in the desert. When the cookies are done, leave them on the table, but tell them they cannot eat them until the next day. Talk about how tempting this might be and what we can do to resist temptation.


Memorize a Prayer: The Act of Contrition would be a good one for Lent, but if your kids already know it, pick a prayer they are unfamiliar with.


Color Easter Eggs: While you do, talk about why they are part of Easter: they represent new life!


Bake Pretzels: They symbolize arms crossed in prayer.


Pick a Service Activity: It can be something small like paying for the person behind you in line at the drive-thru, or writing letters to residents of a nursing home.


Go to Church, but not for mass.  Just go and explore.  Can you find the Stations of the Cross? What about the baptismal font?


A Daily Mass: pick one day to get up early and attend Mass on a weekday. Maybe even have a special breakfast at home afterwards.


Take Stock of Sacrifices: Write a journal or talk about how your sacrifice is going this Lent. What can you do better? What are you doing well?


Make an Easter Basket for a Neighbor: Fill it with your favorite treats and surprise a neighbor with your gift.  Add a special prayer card!


Read the Story of the Last Supper: Either read it straight from the bible or find a kid’s version. Either way, prepare a nice meal for dinner, and read and discuss the story while you eat.


Plan and Cook a Meatless Meal Together: Save this one for a Friday! Go simple like mac n’ cheese or try something more complicated that looks good to everyone. Explain why we abstain from meat on Fridays of Lent.


Almsgiving Activity: Create an almsgiving box and choose a charity to donate to. Save all of your change this season and put it in your family’s box.


Fill a Bag to Donate: Declutter your house and make a donation to Goodwill. Toys, clothes, books, housewares, etc. are all fair game. This is part of almsgiving too.


Get a Fast Food Fish Sandwich: This is the one time of year that advertisers take Catholics into account!